Project Details

List of Projects for college trainee

Issue Tracking System-Problem Management

The Issue Tracking System-Problem Management is a web-based system to manage and maintain the list of issues
by the customer of Various commercial webSite The ITS –PM helps the organization to deal with the issues of the customer mainly
(Product, Service and Security), Problem Management is the service concerned with minimizing the impact of problems
effecting the availability and services of the service delivery environment. It minimizes expenditure of resources and
maintains the highest level of client satisfaction.

Technologies : ASP .Net 2008,Sql Server 2005,HTML5,CSS3,Ajax

Friend's Tracker Using SMS

The project is aimed at developing an application using new mobile operating system Android which is creating new revolution in mobile operating systems.

This application makes use of the GPRS & GPS features of mobile phone as a solution for finding the position between two friends. Google map is integrated
in this project. Each location is provided through mobile device with the application that sends data to the server on demand and display the position of friend.
This will find the distance between the friends and can trace their location while moving also.

• Support only android mobile phones, but it can communicate with Non-Android mobile phones.
• Initialization of Mobile Tracking App is with SMS.
• In case of Non-Android Mobile, sending the tracked address using SMS.
• In case of Android mobile, sending the tracked address as well as logitude and lattitude for the same app to show the location in google map graphically.

Technologies : Java 1.6, Android 4.0

Organization Training and Feedback Management System

This project enable the organization to organizing online meeting, training using SMS and email system. Sending mail to all employee about timing, training topic
and about trainer. This system also send the mail to Trainer about training information like venue details, timing etc. Using this system all employee{trainee) can
provide feedback online after completion of training.

Technologies : Java 1.6, jsp, Spring MVC, Hibernate 3.2, JQuery, Ajax, Maven