Alokic Inc is a services provider that employs cutting-edge and emerging technologies for mobile application development and web application development. Alokic also offers business and technology consulting and outsourcing solution to the customer.

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Mobile Application Development

pictureAt Alokic we design and develop high quality mobile applications for Apple iPhone, Google Android and Blackbery.

Web Development

pictureAlokic's web development offering includes app development on Web 2.0 and Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) technologies.


pictureAlokic's objective is to cover your specific need in a cost effective manner.

iPhone Application in App Store: Find A Doctor, Green Chili

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Upcoming iPhone Applications

Alokic Wallet: Alokic wallet is a complete solution for managing your gift, club and membership cards electronically on your iPhone/iPod Touch. This app has the following features -

    • The app lets you easily store and quickly retrieve rewards, club, and loyalty membership information on your iPhone or iPod Touch, where they can be scanned directly from your screen at most merchants.
    • Calculates and displays gift card balances.
    • Automatically formats currency according to your device's language and region settings.
    • Supports an unlimited number of gift cards and transactions.
    • View and edit gift card and transaction details.
    • Merchant info button for quick access to merchant customer support phone number, main web site , store locator and customer accounts.
    • Instantly view the balances for gift cards that support online balance access.
    • Gift card information is only stored on personal mobile device (iPhone or iPod) and nowhere else.
    • Additional password security against accidental access to your data.
    • Generating and managing history of warning and announcements.
    • Automatic warning and announcements about each registered card.

Personalize Your Gifts: Alokic Personalize Gift application helps you to personalize your gifts like T-shirts, mugs, greeting cards, etc., through your iPhone/iPod Touch. This app has the following features -

    • User is able to type personalized message on the card.
    • User is able to place and track the order after customization.
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